Ringostat Insider
Virtual analytical assistant of a sales rep
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Know the maximum information on the customer even before answering his call and increase the chances to close a deal

Ringostat Insider opportunities

Summary analytics about the caller
  • Quickly evaluate who calls you and how often he visits your website.
  • Find out what the customer is most interested in and get directly into the needs.
  • Increase the probability to close the deal or make upselling — offer a customer exactly what he needs here and now.
Advertising source of the request, geo data and website navigation
  • Get the information on the ad that brought a customer up to the keyword.
  • Find out the location of your buyer with the accuracy of the city.
  • In real-time, monitor the page where the user is now or where he is transferring.
Identified customers online on your website
  • Call the most interested customers — the ones who are now on your website and have already called you before.
  • Offer what they need here and now — it will cause the wow-effect and increase the probability of a purchase.
  • Don't wait for a customer to call you — be proactive, call the most interested customers on your own.
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How Ringostat Insider will help to boost your sales
Getting into the needs
You have a maximum of information on the user — the request that brought him, which website pages he viewed and what he purchased before (if you already have this contact in CRM). Therefore, you know what to offer and what average check size to focus on. This will allow you to successfully close the deal or make upselling.
You don't depend on inbound calls from a customer so you can be the first one to start a dialog. It is possible with any of the customers who previously called you and are now online on your website. It's most likely that a person is choosing a product now, and even a small step from you will be enough for him to make a purchase.
Work with warm leads
You have an opportunity to refer not to the indifferent, "cold" audience, but to the ones who have already called and are interested in something on the website. Thus, you can convert leads that you have already involved so the ones that are presented in your funnel. Instead of involving new ones with ads and paying extra money for it.
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Ringostat Virtual PBX
  • Includes 5 workplaces
  • Flexible connection settings
  • Backup servers and directions in case if a provider has a breakage
  • Notifications about missed calls
  • All Ringostat integrations
from $39
Ringostat Smart Phone
  • Includes 3 workplaces
  • Working with calls in the browser (Ringostat virtual PBX is required)
  • Ringostat Insider is included
  • Ringostat Messenger is included
  • All Ringostat integrations
from $39
Ringostat Smart Phone + Virtual PBX
  • All features of Virtual PBX 2.0
  • All features of Ringostat
  • Smart Phone
  • Ringostat Insider
  • Ringostat Messenger
  • All Ringostat integrations
from $59
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