Ringostat Smart Phone
intelligent assistant of a sales rep
Communicate with customers where it is convenient for them, receive valuable insights and increase the average check size
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Ringostat Smart Phone
Extension for convenient work with calls in a browser
  • Make and accept calls directly from the browser.
  • In one click, go to the needed deal in the CRM.
  • Call a customer by his name if his contact is already presented in the CRM.
  • Make calls in one click from any browser page and cloud CRM.
  • Receive push notifications about the inbound call.
Ringostat Insider
Virtual analytical assistant of a sales rep
  • Receive the maximum information on the customer even before replying to his call.
  • Discover pages that a customer viewed and what he is the most interested in.
  • Get into the needs — increase the probability of a closed deal.
  • Receive the information up to the keyword on ads that brought a customer.
Ringostat Messenger
Multi widget that unites differnt communication channels
  • Communicate with your customers where it is convinient for them — in Telegram, Viber or Messenger.
  • Save time and work in one window. There is no need to switch between several messengers and have them opened all the time.
  • Get notifications about new messages and instantly respond to them.
  • Increase website's conversion and customers' loyalty.
What tasks Ringostat Smart Phone solves?
And why it's an indispensable
assistant of every sales representative.
Time-saving and freedom from the
daily routine.
Accept and make calls in one click from any browser page or cloud CRM system. Don't waste your time to copy numbers and data to the CRM — everything will be done automatically.
Quick access to the CRM system.
Go to the deal or contact in one click if a current customer calls you. Call a buyer by his name — at the moment of the request, Ringostat Smart Phone will automatically bring it from the CRM.
Valuable insights on the customer and higher probability to close the deal or make upselling.
Receive the maximum information on a customer even before answering his call. Find out how ofter a user visits your website, pages that he viewed, and request that brought him.
All communication with customers in a single window.
Chat with customers in a messenger that is convenient for them. Meanwhile, Ringostat Smart Phone will bring everything together in one window. There is no more need to switch between messengers and have them opened all the time.
Increase of the website conversion, service quality, and customers' loyalty.
Immediately respond to customers' requests due to the notifications on the inbound call or message. Don't give them time to change their minds and visit your competitors' websites.
Ringostat Virtual PBX is required for the work of Ringostat Smart Phone.
Cost per each product is mentioned for 30 calendar days.
Ringostat Virtual PBX
  • Includes 5 workplaces
  • Flexible connection settings
  • Backup servers and directions in case if a provider has a breakage
  • Notifications about missed calls
  • All Ringostat integrations
from $39
Ringostat Smart Phone + Virtual PBX
  • All features of Virtual PBX 2.0
  • All features of Ringostat Smart Phone
  • Ringostat Insider
  • Ringostat Messenger
  • All Ringostat integrations
from $39
Anti-crisis PBX
  • Virtual PBX 2.0
  • Callback
  • Ringostat Smart Phone
  • Ringostat Insider
  • Ringostat Messenger
  • All Ringostat integrations
from $59
What tasks our clients solve with Ringostat Smart Phone:
We use the extension for the browser Ringostat Smart Phone, and it's super comfy. Among its features, an automatic data transfer from amoCRM is especially useful for us. The extension instantly shows the client who is calling, and we know how to call him.
Dmytro Kapustin
Head of Business Development
Netpeak Software
Ringostat Smart Phone allows us to immediately see all the information about the client who calls the agency: we already know what service he is interested in. This opportunity is highly valuable for the sales department. I also want to mention the work of technical support. They are always ready to answer our questions.
Julia Zalihovska
We use Ringostat for more than a year. We have eight accounts connected to Ringostat Smart Phone. The application is good, features and interface are user-friendly. Tech support is always ready to solve our issues. The company itself is very cool, treats its customers well, customer success manager is always ready to help.
Andrew Kononenko
Head of the Sales Department
Novomoskovskij RCC factory
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